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In this globalization era, technology has grown rapidly and given positive impact to the human life as a means to facilitate their works. In addition, in a business world, information is one of important sources of modern management. Information system as one of technological implementation can help to provide current, accurate, and accessible information. A well developed and mantained information will give advantage that the movement can be seen factually through the achievement income.

There are many application and development forms of information system that are adjusted by business requirements, for example Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). ERP can be an integrated solution to managed information about resource management that is used in company. In addition, the development solution of information system that our company offers also includes other applications according to the requirements and the company business process that can be textual basic of information system or basic approach to the location (geographical information system).

As supporting to the management information that includes company operational activity, we have competency in Business Intelligence area. Business Intelligence has grown rapidly and BI concept also has grown, so it can help the management of business excecutive in monitoring and taking their business strategy decision and also reporting company’s performance. BI solution can be synergized with ERP so it can improve Information Technology value of a company for giving ’business knowledge’.

Mitreka Solusi Indonesia is ready to solve company requirements in developing solutions of your company based information technology that is integrated and appropiate with your needs. Supported by qualified, dedicated and experienced professionals, we are ready to give integrated information technology solution that is usefull and gives advantage for you.

Hopefully, Mitreka and you can work and develop better. And may Allah SWT gives his bless to the cooperation that we built.


Toni Widodo