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Engineering Support Services

To help customer to develop higher quality and lower cost product during the product design phase, we provide highly knowledgeable and experienced engineers for providing value-add engineering DFx support services to customer.

DFx (Design for eXcellent) Assembly

Complete a manufacturing risk assessment before you build! Reduce production asset time, potential production delays, and quality issues before they happen. That’s the key to Dfx. There is no doubt that the speed at which technology is advancing is one of the main challenges for assemblers. Components are getting smaller, boards are tighter and more dense, and PCBs are more complex. How can the assembler anticipate potential issues before going into production? Will you source the right parts from the full AVL to ensure their packages are not different? Will the parts in the Bill of Material fit on the footprint well, or will you need to adjust the stencil? Is there Manufacturing Risk of the design received from the customer?
In addition, efficient and effective communication between Design and Manufacturing is critical for success.

DFM – Design for Manufacturability Analysis

Thoroughly review of customers design including FAB circuit/trace routing, component positioning and spacing, potential fault reduction and process selection, so to reach the smooth and efficient manufacturing at the early stage of volume production. Our comprehensive DFM and DFT analysis is provided for every new PCBA project. Our team will review your engineering data in detail, and highlight issues that could potentially cause costly problems during production.

DFT – Design for Testability Analysis
A complete review of the circuit design and trace routing to increase test accessibility and device testability so to increase the overall coverage over Flying Probe Test and In-Circuit-Test for achieving the lowest possible risk and best product yield rate in the volume production stage.

Quick-Turn DFx Services (< 72 hours)

DFM/DFT review for Product Design

DFx report will be provided to customer for each new PCBA project. Our review will cover the following categories:

1. BOM & AVL Scrub (CPN, AVL, Qty and Refdes discrepancy)

2. Netlist Analyzing (gerber & IPC netlist comparison)

3. Fiducial Analysis (Spacing, isolation etc.)

4. Component Analysis (Spacing, orientations, labels, traces etc.)

5. Board and Padstack analysis (toeprints, heat dissipation, SMD-pads etc.)

6. Solder paste Analysis (spacing, SP availability)

7. Test Point analysis (spacing, keep-out areas etc.)

8. Pin to Pad Analysis (Lead/pin against pad/hole size, package mismatch, orientation etc)

We will provide Design Review Suggestions as below:

  • Major process or functional problems. Change before next revision.
  • Cost saving suggestion / Process improvement suggestions.
  • Minor concerns.
  • We comply with workmanship Standard IPC-A-610E & IPC-7351

Another services provided:

  • CAD File translation
  • Stencil Calculation Design
  • Product Summary report

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