Analytical GIS

WebGIS Analyst


Development of Geographic Information Technologi now been entered on the level of decision-making, better known better known as Decision Support System, its application in various fields is hampered by several obstacles, onethem is the the accessibility of the analytical tools that are very difficult . But now this obstacle has been overcome with the development of this system is web-based analyst. Analyst system like this requires only a web browser and internet access, then the user can go into the area to be in the analysis.

System Architecture

System Architecture

WebGIS System Analyst System is in the wake of several structures of GIS data, attribute data, spatial databases, PHP programming, WebGIS Server and Web Browser. By utilizing GIS data in the form of spatial databases, GIS data can be integrated with attribute data in accordance with the data that will be used as parameters to make a decision.

Spasial Data Vector Base

Spasial Data Raster Base

Then after all the data are incorporated in a database, it will be an interface program for parameterization process in accordance with existing formulations. The output of the interface will then be displayed in a WebGIS Server that will produce an analytical to produce Decision Support System (DSS).

Output Of Analysis Area


  • These parameters can be change in real time according to actual circumstances.
  • Applications can be accessed from anywhere, as long as it has internet connectivity
  • Very easy to use because the web-based.
  • Applications easily be modified because it only uses the php programming language

System Requirement

  • Fixed IP address of internet connection
  • Map Format

-          ESRI Format File

-          Spasial Database

  • GIS Server is supported on the following platforms

-          Microsoft Windows Server

-          Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS/ES

-          SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

-          Sun Solaris