Our company offers solutions to help institutions and your company in developing and implementing information systems in accordance with the business processes that run within your agency. These solutions we provide in the forms as follows:

Business Analysis/System Planning

Strategic Planning is the key to Practical Technology Solutions, which in turn facilitate change in your Organization. Mitreka Solusi Indonesia help you to make the IT solution as a part of your business strategy and offer distinctive integrated solutions including specific planning for Systems Projects, Implementation and Disaster Recovery. With our information technology expertise to ensure that you can focus on running your business smoothly.

Information Systems Development

We help you in analyzing the appropriate solutions to help complete the work associated with the use of information technology. Work can be a variety of the following:

  • System needs assessment
  • Development system
  • System installation
  • Use the system to assist completion of the work, and
  • Maintenance system

Geographic Information System

We have experienced in a variety of GIS-based applications, whether the application of data visualization on the map in the form of ordinary marker (markers) and area (polygon). Both forms of visualization is complemented with detailed info related data. The data displayed can be derived from integrated information systems as well as raw data or survey results of the system that has been done previously.. Mapping technology used is the Map Server, Google Map , and ArcGIS . Examples of GIS application we have built are:

  • Information Systems with Data Visualization using the Map
  • Monitoring Activity Maps
  • Map Visualization of survey data networks, customers, or assets agency

Data warehousing and Business Intelligence

More than ever, companies need the right information at their fingertips in order to make critical business decisions and respond quickly to market changes. As a result, data warehouses are assuming a more strategic role. Business intelligence refers to the broad classification of applications and technology tools designed to collect, store and analyze raw business data, which can then be used to guide business decisions. We will guide you to implement BI and DW in helping your businesses stay competitive

Enterprise Resource Planning

Asset Management