SIMA based GIS

SIMA (Sistem Informasi Manajemen Aset) Mitreka is a complete fixed asset management system that suitable for profit and non profit organization. With comprehensive and easy to use features and based on standard asset management business process, SIMA Mitreka gives many benefit for complete asset accounting and asset management.
SIMA Mitreka is capable to maintain extensive fixed asset data,for depreciable and non-depreciable assets), providing the user with a single source of reference for control, analysis and management of all fixed assets.

SIMA Mitreka is not like common asset management system, it’s also extended by Geographic Information System to visualize asset position and distribution analysis. SIMA Mitreka is also equipped with features for administrators and complement the menu, such as news, auctions, and others that can be tailored to the needs of each agency.

Key features of SIMA Mitreka :

1. Asset Inventarization:

  • Support asset codification from DEPDAGRI or internal organization standard.
  • Completeness of the attributes recorded fixed assets
  • Provide methode to input asset : web form, import excel file.
  • The existence of an audit trail (history) of the data changes made on the data asset
  • Display or report depreciation for any period of the fiscal year at any time

2. Budgeting and Realisation for Fixed Asset

3. Recording Asset Cycle from the administration, utilization, and elimination of the asset.

Asset inventory data, in turn, can be displayed in the form of a report presented in graphs, tables, and map the distribution of assets. This feature will allow directors to monitor the assets owned by institutions and help retrieve relevant policies of those assets.
Asset Cycle

4. Analysis and Executive Summary

This system can display graphical and tabular summary of the parameters can be selected by the user. In the picture below to see examples of the view analysis and recapitulation of an institution’s assets.
Each content of analysis aset can be exported to common format like : pdf, xls, and doc, and also printable.

5. GIS for Asset Distribution

The fifth feature is a unique feature of this system which can be used to see the spread in some areas using maps from Google Map. Distribution is displayed using symbols that represent each type of asset and displayed in a tabular explanation. We also provide feature for showing asset distribution based on ArcGIS Engine. The base map for GIS solution is based on your interest. We can use google Map , or digital map with shp format, or imagenary map : iconos, quickbird,etc.

6. Alert and Reminder

7. Asset Procurement